About Ken Joslin


Kenneth Raymond Joslin Jr (born June 8, 1967) in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Lynwood, CA is a prolific American painter and entrepreneur. He attended Otis Parsons College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA, where he studied communication design and painting. His work has been described as expressionist and figurative with an abstract quality. The artist created the Ken Joslin Collection which presents the "Mystic Figure" paintings featuring jazz inspired artworks. "Like the jazz musician, I seek to say something personal and spontaneous. The energy that's in the music, I expose on canvas. It's important that you not only see my work, but feel it too ... and, like the music, when it hits you ... move!" The artist admires the works of Leo Meiersdorff, Jacob Lawrence, George A. Hunt, Joseph Holston, Franz Kline, louis Joos and William Tolliver. Ken works from his home studio and sells most of his artworks online. Today, Ken's work can be seen in homes, and notable businesses and corporate conglomerates nationwide; as well as in the collections of notable individuals, including Michael Jordan (N.B.A.) Legend.

Artist Statement: I create works of art for the sole purpose of ownership. However, ownership of a Ken Joslin Original is not limited to the exchange of commerce for a work of art.